What Are Mission Failed Memes? The history and origin of the call of duty meme

“Mission failed we’ll get em next time”, a sound clip we’ve all heard. Now it’s become a popular meme online with compilations and videos all over Youtube. Lets have a look at he history and origin of the meme.

Mission failed we’ll get em’ next time is a sound clip we’ve all heard if you have played any call of duty games in the last decade or so, a bit more than most of us would like to admit. The sound happens when you would play the video game and end up losing the match. Players would hear it so often it became burned into their minds. Eventually making the jump from video game to internet meme in recent years. The audio would be used pretty often in vines along with #missionfailed where the goal of the meme is to humorously add the audio along with video of people failing at life. The perfect blend of nostalgia and humor to make a popular meme.

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