WhatPress? – Find what theme a WP site is using!

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Curious about which theme your favorite blog is using? WhatPress is a wordpress theme checking tool, enter a URL of a wordpress website and WhatPress will return information about the theme. You can also earn a passive income using our ThemeForest ‘Popular Themes’ Feature.

Features include

  • Check blogs and find their wordpress theme
  • Make money by using the Themeforest affiliate feature!
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Fontawesome Icons
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Clean & Beautiful design

Change Log:

  • 8 Oct, 2014 – Url cloaking for popular themes and tags added.
  • 8 Oct, 2014 – Tags now link to themeforest search.
  • 8 Oct, 2014 – Rain TPL version of script added.
  • 8 Oct, 2014 – User agent added to CURL request.
  • 8 Oct, 2014 – New regular expressions added.


  • Need CURL for this script to work.
  • Please use the latest PHP version or results may differ.


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