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This is the all time best build you can use in Kodi.

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  1. Disculpa solo man me podras ayudar con kodi por error. Borre addons en la pagina principal y no piedo hacer nada como podre regresarla tengo kodi kripton te agradesco mucho saludos

  2. user I desperately need your help I'm trying to put a build on my daughter's box she has the arjuna box she did not like the Beast and hold the registering online please help standing by

  3. Thank you allot for your videos… been away from your channel but you are so on point when it comes to builds. They're awesome while they updated them but onces they stop well everything stops…

  4. I might actually just do this on my firestick!!!! Because I find it so slow….. combining my slowish internet speed and the slow speed of the stick itself (It's great though)! The only thing I may change, is the images because I hate the blue bubble background :/ plus I love seeing extra crisp images of my favourite movies/tv shows on my screen 🙂

  5. Tx Solo Man for your awesome vids…am a long time subscriber….have been running an NVIDIA but recently purchased a Firetv for the bedroom but after installing Fusion and trying to install the HUB WIZARD I get an error message saying the zip file cannot be opened…have installed and reinstalled several times…even tried installing different versions of Kodi…no luck…can you help me?…TX

  6. hi Solo man, i purshase box for way too much(325.) when i check it out on google it was only 66. and less., the name of the box is octa core android L, is there any way i can purshase the same for less.,love, love you guys,keep it moving.,thank the stars for you both.

  7. This just upgraded today and I don't know where the movies went!!! I like the old Kodi where's the movies!!! please help me guide finding the movies on the older version. I'm so lost to this new kodi ….

  8. SoloMan … Kodi 17 is now available … have tried to download/upgrade to Kodi 17 and it indicates it's not compatible with my device … TIGER STREAM T4 MICRO PC … ANDROID KITKAT 4.4.2 Operating System … can you assist?

  9. I am new to this Kodi thing. I just installed the beast build. I have gotten A lot of errors. I like your advise, I thinks it's wise, and I will be uninstalling this build and just pick and choose my add ones.

  10. Wow, this is a lot of information and reading through all these comments is mind boggling. My friend had me install the latest Platinum build. Is it possible to uninstall Addons one at a time? Like Genesis? I can't get that to open ever. I need a book called Kodi For Dummies. lol Thanks in advance.


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