Which MacBook Should You Buy 2016?

MacBook Pro 2016: Overpriced & Underpowered!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQtrmjubfEo
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  1. I'm also on Mavericks and using my quadcore i7 mid 2012 MacBook Pro added an SSD and a 16gig mem. Also got the dvd drive Hdd cradle haven't build in a second SSD perhaps il wil do so still a great machine hardwired network without an adapter usb3 and no dongle in sight

  2. I have a bit of a question about refurbished laptops and computers. Are they generally not as long lasting as the brand new models? I'm asking because I've heard from a lot of IT guys saying that it's always better to just spend that little bit more for the reliability over time for them, and the longer warranty is always a good thing just incase.

  3. I am huge Apple Fan-boy. Your analysis of Apple managements view on its customers and how that drives product development is spot on. I am writing this on a 2006 macbook, and your buying advice has made my decision much easier. Great video.

  4. As am mac users that is looking for a windows equivalent, what are you recommendations? You sould do a top 3 when you'll have the time. Something ultrathin with a lot of horse power. Something with premium built quality. The razer blade 2016 looks good but the Razer logo is ulgy AF.

  5. Yep the best Retina you can lay your hands on is the only sane choice atm…maybe if Apple's sales tank we will see the return of some ports in the next release but Im not going to hold my breath, their arrogance seems to be limitless.

    If anyone comes across a no headache hackintosh laptop option please pm me, or better still post it hear to so we can punch a bigger hole in Apples sales :)


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