Why I Can’t Use The iPhone 7!

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Apple iPhone 7 32GB

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In this Video, I touch on a select few reasons as to Why I can’t use the iPhone 7 as my daily driver Smartphone. I discuss a few drawbacks that still exist in Apple’s iOS 10, and the complexity of simple everyday tasks that Apple has set forth. Because of this, I’m more comfortable using a any device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. Things like, the lack Multitasking, Applying Ringtones, App Compatibility issues, iOS 10 Notification System and More. Apple designed the iPhone 7 to be a great, Simple Waterproof Smartphone. Ironically it’s not so simple, as I find the more difficult of tasks, easy to accomplish on any Android Smartphone in 2016.

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  1. To close your apps at once here's an easier method:

    Hold down the Power button until the "slide to power off" screen appears.

    Hold down the Home button until the Home screen shows up

  2. I have a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus and I am switching over to apple. The features on samsung are cool but after a year its always freezing, and now i have some virus thats making the phone almost unusable. Apple has better long term reliability.

  3. You don't need to close apps on the iphone. Ios is excellent with ram management and iphone will never hang or crash due to lack of ram. Infact closing apps by swiping them makes the phine slower as it has to load them all over again compared to just resuming it from where you left off. Restarting the iphone does not close background apps. Only way to do that is to swipe them up.

  4. I am suffering the same issues u talked about and more as i was having Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and i upgraded to iphone 7plus for my birthday.. I found it hard to get through all that stuff on ios because simply everything was easy to do on Android phones. My friends told me it's not a big deal what i am suffering with iphone as it's my first time to have an ios device.
    Also, there lots of things u didn't mention that some people think it's not worth to be mentioned as a problem in an iphone such as the keyboard settings, the camera mode, photos management,… Etc.
    Simply i can say that from my experience with Android phones and iphone(now) it's way more easier to use android phones because simply u don't have to use as many apps to do each setting on the phone.

  5. I had iPhone for years and hot a guess what got a note 7 and got burned. 7 edge only has 32 gb not enough for me plus loose the pen eye scanner bigger screen etc. so now I have an iPhone 7 plus 256gb matte black and love it. another thing I got a free 256gb SD card buying the note 7 why can't I move half the apps to the card it's sort of useless I'm so happy I can have tons of apps on my iPhone 7.

  6. I was with Android for years and this year i decided to move to ios … i picked up an iphone 7 plus ……………………fuck! what a mistake , now i am stuck with an antiquated operating system . No back button , no customization , no amoled display no headphone jack either . What the hell is Apple thinking? , and why does this friggin' thing have to be powered up to charge the battery ? My old Samsung Galaxy s6 had fast charging and wireless charging to boot . This eyefone takes half the friggin' day to charge . Anyone interested in a two week old unlocked iphone 7 plus ?

  7. After almost buying a Samsung S7, I just switched to an i phone 7 after using android phones for years together.
    In India the Samsung S7 32GB currently costs around 40,000 INR.
    The i phone 7 32GB costs 60,000 INR and 128GB costs 70,000 INR.
    I simply fail to see how it is a better phone than an S7.
    It doesn't even have a notification led. Really? How hard can it be for Apple to incorporate a notification led on the front of the phone, or they still aren't convinced about its purpose?
    No option to add or arrange the options in Control Centre unlike an Android phone, and a plethora of other features like
    'Turn over to mute' etc my Samsung Note 2 has , let alone the innovative features on the S7. In a world of ever increasing choices , I can't fathom why Apple chooses to restrict the experience.

    It is true that after 4 years of using my Note 2 with only 300 odd Mb storage space remaining it got quite annoying.Only time will tell how an i phone holds up after extensive use.
    Hope I am able to come to terms with the shortcomings of the I phone in general or then get a good deal on selling it 😀

    Thanks for the sincere video and expressing your dissatisfaction with the I phone 7, which many I phone users would be too embarrassed to admit.

  8. Man, the suggested video list is nothing but IPhone deserters. I had a 4S until a friend put her high-heel through the screen. It was a frustrating and fussy phone to use for a lot of things compared to Android. When Apple introduced the 5x series the race was over. I kind of like the locked down system and software concept, but it's not an ideal fit the way people want to use their phones, the market keeps moving to Android. How does Apple make so much money from such a small percentage of the total sales of phones? Very easy math there, it's all in the price.

  9. I don't know what Zedge app your using I have a ringtones option and a notification option even a wallpaper option weird the one I seen you using looked nothing like the one I have weird

  10. My 2014 LG G3 had real multi-tasking, I could run 3 apps on the screen at once… it had wireless charging, a 2k screen, an IR blaster which was really cool and useful, it had full NFC support, and it ran Android which I could do SOOOOO much more one. My contract ran up, I got the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB… $100 per month, it was $480 to buy it (plus tax in Canada), and it has NONE of the features I mentioned above. What I am liking though is the camera, speed and the 128GB I have, and the App Store. I could have saved myself nearly $200 and gotten the Samsung Galaxy S7 which has WAY more features. Now I have to wait 2 years to get a new phone, unless I cave in and sell my iPhone 7 which I might do one day soon…

  11. These are such true points. Apple could literally easily put these features on iOS, but they just don't and there's no reason for it. They need to catch up to Android and then add more features on top of that if they want to get to the top of the game again…


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