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Microsoft’s drawing its free Windows 10 upgrade period to an end tomorrow, marking a year since the OS first went on sale.

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For the past year, users wanting to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 have been able to get the newest version of the operating system for free, but from tomorrow the upgrade will cost from $119 (£99), depending on the version you need.

Of course, if you don’t update before that deadline, you also won’t get the planned anniversary update included for free either, which is due for release on August 2.

This update plans to include improved security features, new Windows Ink functionality that makes better use of a stylus or smart pen, and more features for its Cortana voice assistant.

This last change doesn’t come without controversy, however – you can no longer disable Cortana in the new update, according to PC World. In itself that perhaps wouldn’t be toomuch of a problem, but in order for Cortana to work, you have to grant it all sorts of permissions to access your data, location, microphone and more.

Microsoft said last month that 350 million have already jumped across to Windows 10 and that figure has likely seen a late surge with tomorrow’s deadline approaching.

The official deadline for the free upgrade is 11:59pm UTC-10 and its equivalent in the respective time zones. The UK is UTC-0, or simply UTC. For example, the west coast of North America will have until 2:59am on July 30, New York and the eastern seaboard have until 5:59am and Londoners have until 10:59am tomorrow.

The free upgrade offer isn’t available for devices running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Enterprise editions of Windows and Microsoft has warned that not every device eligible for upgrade will run every feature of Windows 10.

Instructions on how to download and upgrade to Windows 10are available from Microsoft’s official support pages, as well as more information about eligibility.


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