Wookie lite Build from the Wookie Wizard 

Well these boys are just constant with their updates and constant evolving of the wizard and the Wookie Wizard builds, here I bring you Wookie Lite, and my god its rapid, it has the infamous community all sorts add-on which brings you the 4K and 3D TV with a special section also dedicated to pure full HD content, I know you want to know the URL so head to


http://wiz.wookiespmc.com and thats really all their is too it, please check out all the other builds held on the wizard and the tools available too. The Wookie Wizard guys do have their own website too just head to http://wookiespmc.com AND they also have their own app!!! Just head to http://wookiespmc.com/wookie-android-appstore/ to read about it | Android only at the moment, it doesn’t look like the iOS app will be out as its super expensive and these guys continue to do all this work for free, this is not a job its a hobby. I would reach out to the guys at the wookie wizard, they are on twitter at http://twitter.com/wookie_wizardry


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  1. First I would like to thank the team over there for this new build and for their continued support that they have given since our site s launch. They are great bunch of lads and if you have never used the Wookie builds before you sure are missing out. I have not been given a date or time of release just that they will be available very very soon.


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