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Wookie Wizard Information and Questions

So firstly thank you to the guys over at @wookie_Wizardry for taking the time to fill out these questions. Hopefully they will give you a small insight in to the developers and the wookie wizard really how hard they work for people like me and you. Building wizards and creating builds really doesn’t pay the builds, but it takes up pretty much all their spare time, this is all done for the user to have a better experience on Kodi and giving you all options available like user interfaces and video/program add ons.


Retro Wookie Install and Review: 


Wookie Build install and review:


What is the Name of your Build/Add-on(s)


How long have you been in the Game

1-2 Years

What made you start Developing for KODI/XBMC

To provide the community a complete user friendly build, but also to provide support for everyone especially to the users that are new to kodi.

What annoys you the most about the community

The drama, the fighting.and especially the haters. The Devs, playlist makers and build makers do this for free, so the users can hopefully enjoy there experience whilst using kodi, but unfortunately some users want and expect a lot more, but thankfully 99% of users appreciate what we and others do for them so that alone makes it all worth while..

What are your plans for the future in the community

Think the guys forgot to answer this one 🙂 But they are consistently updating their builds and the amazing wookie Wizard – I imagine thats pretty much as constant job!

If you could change one thing about the community what would it be and why ?

Nothing really..
Why would you want to change something that works.
All Devs, playlist makers and build makers have different views and ideas. But ultimately we all have the same goal, to bring the best experience to all that use kodi.

Do you develop for KODI full time?




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