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NEW! Version 4.0.5 is out!

WordPress eCards is a WordPress plugin used to send electronic cards to friends. It can be implemented in a page, a post or the sidebar. Start your own eCards site! Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween, the eCards plugin works for everything.

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Demo | Theme Demo | eCards Documentation

eCards makes it quick and easy for you to send an eCard in 3 easy steps. Just choose your favorite eCard, add your personal message, and send it to any email address. When you send an eCard using this plugin, no personal information is stored in WordPress database.

eCards sends any embeddable image, be it JPG, PNG or animated GIF. If no image is found in the post, the eCard is still delivered to its recipient. eCards uses WordPress internal mail sending functions.

Highlight the number of eCards sent using the new [ecard_counter] shortcode.

eCards uses an optional PayPal shortcode to hide the form until a payment is made.

eCards Documentation

More Features

  • Member-only restrictions
  • PayPal sandbox mode
  • Custom PayPal buttons

= 4.0.5 =

  • FIX: Fixed large image size being hardcoded to thumbnail
  • FIX: Code formatting fixes for PSR compliance
  • UPDATE: Updated date/time picker library and used the full version

= 4.0.4 =

  • UPDATE: Forced hiding of CPT UI to avoid confusion
  • UPDATE: Grouped several developer-only settings

= 4.0.3 =

  • FIX: Fixed checkboxes not being unchecked

= 4.0.2 =

  • UPDATE: Added success message to labels list

= 4.0.1 =

  • FIX: Fixed several PHP notices for unset checkboxes
  • UPDATE: All emails now include the selected eCard as an image attachment

= 4.0.0 =

  • FIX: Removed deprecated phrase from the Diagnostics tab
  • FIX: Added HTML content type fix and grouped debugging options together
  • FIX: Fixed formatting and line breaks for eCard content
  • FIX: Fixed several issues with non-initialized options
  • UPDATE: Synchronized with the free version

See official site for the full eCards changelog.

Note: Only current version – 4.0+ – is supported! Please upgrade before asking for support.



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