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Version 1.3 total description here

[NEW] Default widget style. Look at screenshots

[NEW] 300+ theme variations of widget and popup!

Push Notifications plugin for WordPress. Allow to send Push Notifications to authorized and anonymous users to your WP-site users desktop and mobile device, if even they are out of site. Notifications looks like, that Facebook send and providing by Google Cloud Message API. Perfectly works with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Installs and setup like anyelse Wordpress plugin – acivate and print settings – that is all (no more extra works needed).

Online Documentation here

[VIDEO] Quick Start Guide for Push Notifications Plugin

IMPORTANT! New keys of Google cloud messaging stopped to work. You need to create new API key & Project ID by this instruction https://goo.gl/0p1Y5G



  • Wakeup “sleeping” customers
  • Rise Conversion
  • Catch visitors and turn them to customers
  • Improve time on site
  • Improve customer service
  • Return users to your site
  • Send important info to visitors
  • Works with HTTPS and HTTP[new] websites
  • Auto subscription feature
  • Store Subscribers in Cloud (you will never lost them) [new]
  • Store Notifications in Cloud [new]
  • Real-Time view/click analytics [new]
  • Subscription Widget [new]
  • Theming options [new]
  • UTM Support [new]
  • Duplicate notifications protection
  • No subscription payments – pay once and use for unlimited subscribers and notifications forever
  • Free license for cloud server (http://pushem.org) – Plugin “Regular Licese” = “Push‘Em Regular License”, Plugin “Extended License” = “Push‘Em Extended License
  • More that 120 wp-actions to send notification
  • Send notifications by user role [new]
  • 3ed party plugins support (like Woocommerce, Ultimate Member [new], BBPress, BuddyPress, CalenderizeIT, ect.)
  • Soft update to new version (Import your current subscribes to free cloud with there user_id and segments)[new]
  • Notification customization: title, text, icon, on click redirect
  • Triggers to customize notifications with dynamic user and post data (like neme, title, content, ect.)



  • Chrome, Firefox, (some versions of Opera)
  • Windows, Linux
  • Android


  • WordPress


Actions listing

  • WordPress mass notifications:
    • Post created, updated, trashed, ect.
    • Comments new/update
    • User register and login
  • WordPress personal notifications:
    • User’s posts publish, updated, commented, ect.
    • Comment moderated
    • User login/register
  • WordPress schedule notifications:
    • Time interval mass notifications
    • Time/date schedule [new]
  • Ultimate member [new]
    • Basic: profile view, profile edit [new]
    • Activity: new, comment, updated, reported [new]
    • Private Messaging [new]
    • Notices Addon [new]
    • Following [new]
    • Reviews [new]
    • Verification [new]
  • Woocommerce notifications:
    • On add to cart and proceed checkout
    • On “thank you” page
    • On new product
    • On update product
    • On trash product
    • Woocommerce Order Status Change
  • bbPress notifications:
    • On new/update/trash Topics
    • On new/update/trash Replies
    • On new/update/trash Forums
  • BuddyPress Activity notifications:
    • Any activity posts: xprofile, friendship, regular acivities, group records
    • Read BuddyPress Activity documentation for more information
  • Any other plugins, that provide WordPress public post types
  • User Role Condition (limit notification by role) [new]
    • WordPress default roles [new]
    • Ultimate Member roles [new]


Upcoming updates and addons:

  • Lite (demo) free Drupal module
  • New demo site
  • Subscribers list in WP-Admin
  • Notifications Statistics in WP-Admin
  • Separate Push Notification send form (with segments)
  • UserPro intagration
  • Interface translation support (.pot)
  • RTL Push Notifications support


Hotfix 1.3.4

Subfolder wordpress instalation issue fixed
JS files path issues fixed

Hotfix 1.3.3 (10/10/2016)

Fixed widget issues
Fixed push sending issues
Fixed select source warning
Fixed no link + utm redirects
Fixed "This website was updated in background" issue

Hotfix 1.3.2 (07/12/2016)

Empty notifications issue fixed

Version 1.3 (06/01/2016)

Free demo plugin released

Version 1.3 (05/31/2016)

Total new version, see changes in description below



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