WOT IS-4 vs IS-7 & Russian Heavy ACE Reviews

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Comparing the IS-4 and IS-7 plus a look at the tactics of the Heavy Russian Lines, Analysing Ace Gameplay.

Some of the footage is of my looking at Quickybaby’s IS-4 video… Here is the Link to his original Video: I think I have fairly used it 🙂

I am including this link as I don’t want to annoy QB 🙁
Have fun,
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  1. Wow, that is some level of hubris on your part there. Suggesting that QB would make an effort to try to beat you to a tank review on a tank that has been around for quite some time. If that gets to you, you have issues mate.

  2. I like the level of detail but I feel is was heavily biased against the IS-7 (and IS-3/T-10). For instance in your 1v1 example the IS-7 wouldn't stay fighting at 45 degrees, it would be much more beneficial to stay straight ahead and try to facehug the IS-4.

    I would also recommend avoiding using other players/youtubers as examples without their knowledge/consent (such as QB using stabs instead of optics and how your team would kill him easier) as it came across as if you were trying to make a point of saying "I would kill QB if i saw him in-game because me/my setup is better than him" and rather keep it more general and not targeted at an individual.

    Overall very informative but I wish there was a more even balance of reviewing the IS-7's strengths as well since looking at the stats on paper rarely tells the whole story and it started to feel more like a "here is why the IS-4 is better" instead of a review/comparison.

  3. IS7 need a serious penetrate buff, its just ridicoulus 10/3 can penetrate (most of the time even with gold ammo) ?!
    WG should check how many tier X tanks can pen is7 front and how many tanks can is7 pen from front! we talking about a top heavy russian tank with tank destroyer reload time and almost tier 8 medium (minimum) penetration ability! im not sure is7 get nerfed or every other tank become soo much better ?!
    anyway in my opinion its seriously useless by the moment,and anybody i see using it i allways ask how they get on,the answer is allways the same : struggling as fck….
    why is this ? coz the new tanks need the backwind and the old ones can go to the scrapyard this is how wg thinks.


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