XBMC & KODI- Sportsmania Review

A Simple Click Really Helps

This is a review about the popular Kodi Add on Sportsmania.

Sportsman is a paid subscription service that you can get for Kodi.

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  1. I'm really jealous of how well you've got Kodi setup. At the start of the video you credited Spinz Premium Lite build. Is there a tutorial to follow to make it so that the links all point to the corresponding SportsMania sections, so I can set Kodi up exactly like you have it? Would really appreciate it. Or maybe you could upload your build for me to install?

  2. hi mate, i have had the paid sportsmania app for about a month, it truly
    is awesome!, for some reason over this weekend, when i am watching a
    live football game, every so often the app stops and goes back to the
    main menu?, i press the game and it starts straight away, just wondering
    if there is an issue or a way of stopping this?, any ideas my friend?

  3. I have been using sportsmania for a while. I like it but find that some days there is a lot of broken streams, which can get very frustrating. I have very fast fibre optics broadband and run IP Vanish, I cannot work out why I have this problem.

  4. You should look at streamtvbox, the guy who runs this add on also runs streamtvbox and it's amazing! You should do a review on it, but if you do make sure your running the correct settings in the add on. It's outstanding!

  5. I've got this and i am on sky fiber at about 38meg. I am a fan of Sportsmainia but those interested in a sub should be aware that people do get buffering and it is not a flawless experience.

  6. How do you alter the menu bar so that it creates the links to the channels (ie SlySports 1 etc). I can customise the app's etc, but for the life of me cant work out how to link to a channel within an app. Is it simply by using the favourites and linking to that?

  7. Hi mate, how do they take payment? Is it a PayPal kind of thing or do I have to give them bank details? I'm a Brit living in oz and the recent premiership sale went to a company who I believe is holding us hostage by making us switch broadband or mobile tariff providers on a 2 year contract at awful prices just to view premiership football, so I'm seeking other avenues to watch my beloved sport! Free streams on kodi are just buffer central so this would really work for me if its stable, legit and long lasting.
    Thanks for the video and any other info you can provide me, have a good one

  8. I use it. It's great. Just wish I had fibre in my area but still really good. Know any good add ons that play 1080p 5.1 movies? Looking for something a bit more crisper than just "HD" that's never hd.


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