Xbox Scorpio NEW DETAILS! Outselling PS4 + No VR at Launch? – The Know Game News

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We’ve got some new details about Xbox Scorpio… like that, even though Microsoft has announced VR, Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t think VR is worth the attention right now. And that he doesn’t want to put out a new console every two years. And that the Xbox is selling awesome while the PS4 has slowed in sales.

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger

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  1. actually its a nobrainer: FFXV, Nioh, BF1, Horizon etc everything is or will be released in the next months and every sane person will buy a PS4 Pro for that. But who, who already has an Pro will get a Scorpio with minor 40% poweradvantage? (same difference as between PS4 and One) Noone. Microsoft doesnt even have new good games coming in the future. And if Sony would announce the PS5 for 2018, Microsoft would be completly dead.

  2. So PS4 has OUTSOLD xbox for the past years. Now Xbox has some glory of few months over an old version of PS4.
    People are purchasing the PS4 PRO and PSVR over the OG PS4. Its called common sense.

  3. VR has been tried in the past and failed. The hardware is too expensive and only hardcore gamers will pay for it. As a PS4 owner I have no interest in VR at all and wouldn't use it even if it was free with a console. Game developers need to concentrate on gameplay rather than fancy graphics. As for the Xbox Scorpio selling better than the PS4, I hope it does as Sony has kicked PS4 owners in the teeth over the mods issue! Seen today that orders for the PS4 pro are way lower than Sony expected.

  4. Xbox One S including the 4K bluray player is exactly why the PS3 sold so well.  EVERYBODY needs to understand there are home theater enthusiasts out the ass! The X1S is the cheapest 4K UHD player on the market by far.  Why the PS4 Pro doesn't have this is ridiculous, again, upscaling, sad. Taste your own medicine Sony!

  5. I would highly suggest actually going to read the full article. This is one of those cases where they cherry pick the information, not sure if they just didn't know, or are just trying to get views. As I'm sure this is how it is with all of The Know's videos.

    But, Phil did say it was a gimmick, which VR is. Very arcade-y at the moment. I agree with him. It's like you're buying those arcade games and just playing those over and over again. Which is important, which he said, as you have to start somewhere. I think what he is waiting on, and I am too, is when VR gets a foothold into actual games. There are a few out there, but VR is still finding its place in gaming.

    Which I am glad that Fallout is going to get VR, or full VR support not just mods.

    Also, I'm glad that StarBreeze is investing tons of resources into making VR a thing. If I am correct, they are going to put arcades that you can go to and try out games and what not. A VR arcade would be amazing.

  6. Have any of you ever noticed that the phrase "3D" never comes up any more? I'm starting to feel the same way about VR. Having owned both a xb360 and a ps3 I doubt I would do that again with the xb1 and ps4. I have been VERY happy with my xbox1 and haven't seen anything on a ps4 that makes me want to own 1 !

    I will be the 1st in line for the scorpio though!!!

  7. 4k streaming wont be fully ready for another 3-4 years. Why the hell would you want to buy a 4k tv with HDR and have a system that CANT play 4k Blu Ray discs… these fools arent even using their tv's to their maximum potential. Playstation Pro is not even running native 4k on games so basically Sony is saying use your 4k HDR tv to half of its potential. Regular Blu-ray looks better than 4k streams right now these people need to do their research! Sony says 4k blu ray is not the future but are making a 4k blu ray player next year hmm…

  8. They keep push consoles out but they are not evolving too much in games,im not playing as much as before as i like more old bf and cod series then newest ones and then mafia 3,division,etc total fail

  9. I got a feeling Scorpio is going to be some kind of hybrid gaming PC/Console thing. More then likely Scorpio will be a  hybrid of Xbox and Windows 10 OS optimized for PC gaming that can play both Xbox media and Steam games, that is probably why Microsoft keep saying "no more console generations", because an OS can go across any PC that meets the specs, and with most newer PC hardware HDMI capable, if the OS can support it why not just plug your PC straight into your TV? IF that is what they are going for I am all for it. Maybe the Xbox Scorpio will be a series of laptops with a docking station that will hook up to your TV like the Switch and the generation will only be defined by the version of OS you have?

  10. I think VR is neat, but I just don't care. 3D TV was neat too, but I didn't care about that either. I just want to sit down in my man cave, pick up a controller and go. Doesn't mean I want it to fail, but I don't think it's as big of a deal as the public is making it out to be.

  11. The one big reason why I'm still getting my console games over my pc is the fact it has physical copies that I can sell if I want.If PC can do that then I'll be all about PC which unfortunately doesn't.


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