XBOX SCORPIO – Well Balanced System & Still On Schedule

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XBOX SCORPIO – Well Balanced System & Still On Schedule
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  1. one of the problems for letting the ps4 pro alone on the market for one year is that when scorpio will be aunched, there will be a possibility for sony to announce an even more powerfull playstation for one year and a half later, making the "most powerfull console ever" only selling point of the scorpio disapearing..

  2. Listen guy's I've got 100% guaranteed confirmation of the xbox scorpio hardware as i have a very close associate which works for a major aaa developer which has been working with an early dev kit which uses an early engineering sample of the custom system on a chip from AMD and when phil Spencer talks of BALANCE that's because UNLIKE the ps4 pro which basically doubled the size n power of it's gpu while using the same older jaguar based cpu, THE XBOX SCORPIO IS USING THE NEW AMD ZEN 8 CORE CPU which will be clocked at 2.4ghz with a downclocked VEGA GPU which has 6.2 teraflops and while I'm not sure if this will be the final clock speeds n exact power i do know for absolute certainty that the XBOX SCORPIO WILL HAVE THE NEW 8 CORE ZEN CPU + VEGA GPU which is why phil spencer was making a big deal about THE XBOX SCORPIO BEING A MORE BALANCED SYSTEM AS OPPOSED TO PS4 PRO BECAUSE THE NEW AMD ZEN CPU WILL BE able to properly push the 6.2 teraflops of power in the VEGA GPU basically PHIL was saying there won't be an unbalanced bottleneck due to using the same old jaguar cores for the cpu

  3. PS4 Pro = Refresh
    Xbox Scorpio = Next Gen Console

    This is why comparing the two is stupid. The PS4 Pro should be compared to the Xbox One S. Xbox One S is a refresh of the original Xbox One because it has many new features and improved parts.

    The PS4 Pro is virtually identical in parts to the vanilla PS4. The only difference is that the CPU is slightly improved and has a more powerful GPU. The Scorpio will have a totally different CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM and much more when compared to the Xbox One & Xbox One S which makes it a completely different console. This is why the Scorpio is truly a new console that has full backward compatibility.

  4. What's with this TRUE 4k, native 4k is not enough? I'm just not a fan of xbox, will the scorpio also come with the red ring of death everyone loved in the 360. one guy bought 7 because they didn't honor his warranty. I won't get on their greed to why they're basically charging for a battery pack that doesn't come with the controller. they say sony's controller battery weak, it does a lot more the light is great when playing gta 5 when the police are after you it flashes red and blue and in the speaker you hear dispatch calling your location and type of car and color. developers need to use the touch pad more, why doesn't xbox brag about being the first to charge for the Internet, now Sony does it, thanks microsoft! they also tried to get rid of use games, xbox fanboys forgave them again. they said you have to buy the camera or it won't work. another lie… the game left 4 dead was giving free dlc until Microsoft told them that they have to charge, but doesn't charge pc to be online. because it wouldn't work. is that where that bs started, xbox is a cancer to the gaming industry. people say sony won because of graphics, that's false. the greed of microsoft is real! how do think they have so much money? not from being a good company. so doesn't matter how strong scorpio will be… I'm not buying it! if playstation start those practices then pc here I come, Sony come with the games and VR and I'm good. xbox is the best box not!

  5. And don't forget, Phil Spencer explicitly stated that the Scorpio will not only do 4K Native, but it will do it with 'uncompressed' textures. < this is a big deal, because then we will have unbridled density and fidelity and color accuracy to come from our 10bit HDR 4K TV panels. Remember, 6TFLOPS on a console is roughly equivalent to 8 TFLOPS on a PC < that's a true statement. And the more advanced gpu/cores in Scorpio will facilitate this, and with greater efficiency than normal. That's why imo Phil Spencer was bold enough to memtion 'uncompressed' textures in all or most games. I'm looking forward to the Scorpio, it will be a complete home entertainment system of the highest order, true 'Native' 4K gaming, plus 4K Blu-ray movies, and internet and streaming etc etc. Can't wait.


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