Zybak 2017 Gaming Setup! Digital Storm Velox with Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and Intel i7-7700k!

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My updated 2017 gaming setup. I think everything here is final for the foreseeable future. Big thanks to Digital Storm for hooking me up with this awesome rig! It’s definitely cooler than something I would have done (and much more convenient!). Let me know if you have any improvements or suggestions that could be made to my setup. I think I’m pretty covered though.

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  1. wow im going to be picking up almost this exact pc threw digital storm as well i wanted to ask someone how do u like your cooling system because i was thinking water cooling would u recommend it or is air cooling good enough ?

  2. Hey Zybak, I'm thinking about replacing my headset for headphones and a mic. What microphone do you have, and would you recommend it or have any suggestions?

  3. No Omega 3 fish oil?? unsubbed ;D You could try messing around with your GPU fan curve to see if that helps with the noise at idle, either have the fans turn totally off or make the minimum speed a little higher (i'm assuming the noise goes away once the fans hit a certain speed).

  4. You should do a before and after pic of yourself on one of your podcasts. Now vs the 2011/12 version of you. Don't even remember what Fatbak looked like its been so long.

  5. 4:27 wearing shoes in the house? Doesn't it feel dirty and uncomfortable to always wear shoes? I know in America its a thing. Here in Canada nobody does that.

  6. Hope you guys enjoy the 2017 gaming setup video. If you have any suggestions that would improve anything let me know. I think I've got everything covered though.


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