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Well hello you amazing people its me cssc0der, thank you so much for clicking on the about me. So here I am back with another site as the last one, well got wiped, I am saying accidentally by my hosts but obviously they would never own up to it and they would be screwed. So hence why this site is being rebuilt from the ground up. Anyway lets get back to the subject matter.

I do YouTube, (not with an er on the end) I started around 18 months ago and loved the journey so far, we are 25K subscribers in and with a whole lot of views. My main passion is creating content, simple as that. Creating something and putting it out on the world wide web and see the interactions that happen. Wether its KODI related video tutorials or blog posts on this site, as long as its content I love to create it.

So whats the future for me, the site and my YouTube Channel, well, we are staying, focusing more on the website, but with a twist.  I will be creating content on youtube that you can only watch on this site, not tutorials etc they will continue to remain on YouTube but reviews, vLog and other exciting stuff that i have planned. So until then please head over to YouTube and Twitter and come interact with me.