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iMac – Why I had it for 1 hour before returning it back to Apple



The scene was set, the day had come, my brand new iMac 2017 27″ iMac was being delivered by a guy called Regie (DPD Courier), who I must add was a legend, what a nice guy. If you want to check out the specs of this awesome iMac then head over here. (PS I did not pay that much)

So after an unpacking whilst doing a little review / vLog I was super excited, I had saved for months for this dream computer. I did actually need it, I am currently doing iOS Application Development and I have been using my MacBook Pro a cheeky little 13 Inches, and that was the issue, I needed more real estate. I also love my photography and now video editing, I just needed way more real estate than I currently have. I will say now that the MacBook Pro has been an absolute work horse for the past few years and I cannot fault it in any way shape or form.

So the iMac, powered on and ready to boot. PROBLEM!!

It didn’t boot up, infact the screen didn’t even turn on, no sound of any internals starting, nada, nothing!.

Check out the video below.

So whats next, well its getting returned tomorrow and the new one will arrive hopefully by Saturday. A good will gesture may also arrive, if not I will be contacting Apple again and bargaining for something special, or not, it may just be a bloody phone case or something.

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