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The only post you need to read, as its literally the only post you can



So firstly thank you for taking the time to read this, yes as you can see things look slightly different if you are a avid read of this site, ps thank you if you are.

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So basically my site has disappeared  of the planet, 5,000 posts gone, disappeared, binned, well its just all gone. So as you can imagine I was slightly pissed, yes pissed, but always the optimist I am here to stay and carry on with the information that I provide. The site will take on a different look but will still provide the content you love to read and watch. Stay tuned, I will be working hard on this over the next few weeks.

Remember I will still be running my normal competitions so please don’t worry, I will be doing a lot on the back end of this site but will publish the competitions as normal.
For the latest competition please head to:

Want to Win a PC then ENTER HERE

 So please just stick with me, I will be back better than ever. I promise 🙂

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